the correct way to breastfeed a newborn baby

Soon after childbirth, you can help build the supply of milk and avoid some of the problems that might arise at the beginning of the first lactation by embracing baby (preferably skin contact with the skin) so that the baby has full access to your breast, or breast-feeding as soon as possible or let the baby suck the breast as often as possible. Most newborns are generally ready and interested in feeding or sucking breast during the first hour after delivery. Take advantage of this moment to start feeding. Research shows that breastfeeding frequently and are not restricted to help prevent breast augmentation pain and allow the formation of a milk supply in large quantities.

Breast-feeding for the first time is something special. You and the baby began to know each other and begin to form a synchronous interaction and beautiful that is characteristic of breastfeeding. If you have never breastfed before, this feeding technique may seem daunting and confusing at first. Rest assured that breastfeeding skills will improve with the passage of time and increasing experience.

Here are some tips that you can do when you first breastfeeding:

Feed your baby as soon as possible after birth. Most babies are awake and more interested in feeding for one hour after birth compared to eight or 24 hours later.

· - Feed the newborn in an Environmental calm and quiet. This kind of environment will help you feel relaxed and lets you focus on the baby and breastfeeding.

· - For menysusui the first time, you can do so in the company of only a family member or friend that you really like. Ask your husband to invite other guests to get out while you are breastfeeding so that you can have privacy when you start to learn the benefits of breastfeeding

· - Take advantage of the help of experienced nursing staff if you have not experienced or if you feel confident enough, you ask to be left alone.

· - Find a comfortable position with your back propped well. Use pillows to prop up arms and the baby. If you have a cesarean, breastfeeding may first need samapai delayed more than an hour after delivery, and you might need some extra help.

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