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10 Correct Care for Newborn

The atmosphere of the house so warm with a newborn baby crying. after we talk about bathing newborn, at this moment, we talk 10 ways to know the correct treatment so that your new baby into the world's happiest baby!

  1. Eat More, Eat Again. In the first months, hunger is a major cause of infant crying. Therefore, offered baby eating is the most effective way to stop crying, even if it means you have to feed the baby as often as possible; morning, afternoon, evening and night. Why do babies eat again eat again? This is because, hunger is a new sensation for him. In the mother's womb the baby accustomed to receiving continuous dietary intake of the placenta, so never feel hungry. When born into the world, the baby's digestive system is not yet accustomed to digest large amounts of food, then "empty" some time. To help the baby adapt to these differences, the first few weeks you do not need to eat baby menjadual hours. Feed him as often as possible. Baby feeding schedule will be formed at the age of approximately five weeks.
  2. Time Toilet! CHAPTER new baby pee and also not know the schedule. However, frequent urination is a good thing, a sign of well-fed infants. Do not delay changing the baby, so the baby is not crying because of wet and uncomfortable. Observe also urine and feces because they can be a means of measuring the condition of the baby, for example, are too yellow urine indicates infants less liquid. Faeces exclusively breastfed babies softer and not too smelly. After the baby pee or BAB, immediately wash the genitals. Pepper the buttocks and crotch with cream to prevent diaper rash.
  3. Baby Dress Code. What yes, newborns should be swaddled all day? What exactly should dress in layers and always wear a blanket? Ayahbunda, tropical climate in our country is actually incompatible with baby clothes dibuntel-wrapping style. When the hot air and the baby is in a non-AC room, try to check the back of the neck baby, if it is hot and humid, meaning he swelter. If so, remove and replace his bed clothes with a lighter. Make sure the baby clothes made of natural materials, such as 100% cotton, which absorbs sweat, easily washed and ironed. Guide to dress for another traveling. Wear a coat or cardigan, socks, shoes and hat on her baby to prevent colds.
  4. Cosmetics Babies. Cosmetics baby many kinds, there is a baby bath, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby cologne and hair lotions. Actually, not all needed by the baby, so it is wise to choose. Regardless of brand, use a product that has been clinically tested or Clinical Proven Mild (CMP). If the baby reacts negatively when applied certain cosmetics, for example arising red blotches on the skin, then it is likely he was allergic to the cosmetics content. Discontinue use.

    Switch on the baby cosmetics that are free of chemicals (green product). Still related to minimizing contact with chemicals baby, avoid also use freshener products or fabric softener. Chemicals in it too "strong" and can irritate baby's skin.
  5. Activities that hated baby. Most babies do not like to show off-wear, bathing, shampooing, given eye drops and nasal drops nose. He could go berserk! The solution, do this activity quickly, but remain cautious. Distract the baby to engage her in conversation, give hugs and kisses.
  6. Comfortable surroundings. It is important to create an environment that is comfortable for the baby. Keep the baby's environment is not too crowded or noisy, too cold (less than 20 degrees Celsius) or too hot (over 31 degrees Celsius). Babies can also be fussy because of glare, so make sure the light or sunlight does not fall right into his eyes. Comfortable environment also means free mosquito and insect bites. You can do fogging at home a few days before the baby comes. Not recommended to use insecticides in the nursery because the poison can be attached to baby items. Use only netting fabric.
  7. Baby Infant. Function toy is not only entertaining but also introduces baby to a variety of shapes and train the eye muscles to be more focused. For that, choose toys with bright colors. Toys chugging (musical mobile) which are suspended in the bed will stimulate baby's senses of sight and hearing. Teddy bear soft fun baby when he outlined it. Rattle, handheld toy that sound when shaken, also entertain and train the baby's senses. But it does not always need expensive toys, you know. Babies also very amused look at her reflection in the mirror, the shadow on the wall and drops of rain. And, of course, there is nothing more exciting than when he was a baby playing with his father and mother.
  8. Sleep Ritual. Total sleep time a new baby is 16 hours a day, with a restless night's sleep, interrupted several times to wake up. After 5 weeks of age, then the baby has a fixed sleep pattern, ie sleep early at night and waking up 2-3 times at midnight. Bedtime ritual can help baby sleep more quickly and with quality. Stages, bathe the baby with warm water that has been spilled baby bath, baby massage with baby oil or lotion, after that create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. You can read fairy tales, sing lullabies or baby sprinkle with baby powder. Use the soothing scent of baby products, but safe and clinically tested or Clinically Proven Mild (CMP).
  9. Recognize Newborn Diseases. Colic, diaper rash, nasal congestion, eye infections, tongue moldy and fever after immunization are some new baby subscription disease. When experienced, with a fussy baby will cry unusual. Quickly find out and overcome. If Little diaper rash, clean the diaper open, and let him without a diaper - wind cooling it - temporarily. Blocked nose, eye infections, fever after immunization and moldy tongue can be anticipated by prescription from a doctor. While colic are generally not curable, can be overcome by making the baby comfortable; rocked, fed, or rubbed her stomach.
  10. People Around Baby. Baby is adorable, but, treat him appropriately. If too many people are carrying and invite joke, if a little clothes replaced, a little fed, or if the father and mother overreacted to his cries, the baby can be stressful too. In addition, the feeling of delicate baby making can "catch" the mood of the mother as the closest. When a bad mood due to fatigue such mothers, babies can know and he went along with fussy. So, keep your mood near the baby. If you need a break, leave the baby in the other caregivers in the home. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pregnant women expend spots and blotches

Question : My  wife confirmed pregnant, but pregnancy approaching 2 mths wife out black flex during urination, but current wife to milk consumption
pregnant women, i have consult a doctor, who be the question whether this is a sign of miscarriage or what the wife's womb because i''ve weak, what the solution
for me & wife, prev thanks

From: Mr. Eko

Answer  : Thank you for the question that was given to us.

Discharge spotting or bleeding is a condition that often occurs in pregnant women, especially the first trimester. Spots in small amounts and stops by itself within a short time without the pain or cramps likely to do no harm and do not necessarily reflect the ongoing abortion or weakness in the womb. However, pregnant women should undergo the resting spots and reduces the activity as much as possible. Sometimes the cause of these spots can not be identified, and the patient did not require hospitalization in healthcare facilities.

More bleeding, prolonged (days), or with pain and stomach cramps require evaluation and management of health workers. Bleeding that accompanied the complaint may be caused by contractions of the uterus that can lead to miscarriage. At bleeding accompanied by severe pain and dizziness, pregnant women should be immediately taken to a health facility with the nearest gynecologist, because bleeding can be caused by an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) is broken and the emergency conditions.
If the spots that you do not accompanied by his wife experienced any complaints as we mentioned before, the wife should be rested in bed (bed rest), and consumption of food, milk, as well as other vitamins kindly forwarded. If after a few days the spots are still out, or get heavier, or along with other complaints such as abdominal pain, then the wife should you consult a physician for an evaluation and appropriate treatment.

May be useful.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Proper way to bathe a newborn

Bathing a newborn often makes many parents discouraged. Especially in the first few weeks while the rest of the cord has not been 'whistle'. This is the proper way.

Basically, many doctors are advised not to bathe the baby at that age by means of pouring or immersing the body in the bathtub. Infants bathed in a way swabbed with a washcloth.
If you are still unsure of the way, just follow the following guidelines:

Friday, November 07, 2014

Complaints during pregnancy and how to cope

Behind the joy of pregnancy, there are a myriad of complaints that you may feel. Does it reduce the discomfort of joy you welcome baby? Absolutely not! Provided you know how to handle it.
People say the woman is incomplete if it did not contain a sense of happiness and being a mother. In fact, through pregnancy feels so complex. Not only the excitement and enthusiasm that feels, but rather a series of complaints between you and other pregnant women.
DR. Dr Dwiana Ocviyanti, SpOG of the Faculty of medicine-RSCM, Jakarta, said that the increase in hormones become the most influential factor on the complaint of pregnant women-especially hormone beta-HCG and progesterone levels and excessive weight gain during pregnancy. "Another thing that also affects the perception of the mother's pregnancy. There are women who are not ready with her pregnancy so that is more sensitive to changes in the conditions he experienced, while there are mothers who are very ready to accept her pregnancy so that it can accept the changes that happen as well without feeling it as a significant disruption, "he said.
Additionally readiness physical condition of pregnant women themselves are also important. Mothers with more fit physical condition will more easily adapt to changes in her condition than those who had not fit since the beginning. This is why pregnant women do not all have the same complaint.
The next question, is it normal complaints?
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