Introduce Infants 6-8 Months with Solid Foods

Complementary solid food in general will be introduced when the baby at the age of six months.

The above is in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) after the baby through the exclusive breastfeeding period. Solid foods should be introduced slowly to the little one, so that the body can adapt well. Useful solid foods to meet nutritional needs

Nutrients are substances in food that is required by the organism ...
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complete in the growth and development of the Small.

Indications Baby are Ready to Make the Solid Foods
baby will give a sign when he was ready to eat solid foods. Here is an indication:
- Baby has been able to hold his head.
- Baby was able to sit in the correct position, although perhaps he is not ready to sit in a chair eating special baby.
- It has a good chewing motion
- Experiencing significant weight gain
- Her appetite began to increase
- Start to have the curiosity to what you eat.

Mother Baby Led Led weaning or weaning?
In the early stages of the introduction baby with his first solid food, there are two main ways that an option mother.

The first is to make the little one puree fruits and vegetables, so that the little one is chewing. This method is known as Mother Led weaning (MLW). Where the process of introduction of complementary feeding is done because the Little Mother has been through a period of exclusive breastfeeding, serving and eating time was determined by the mother. Typically, this method is applied because the mother must return to work and feel the little one has not yet had an affinity for eating solid foods.

While the second is a method named Baby Led weaning (BLW), which offer the Baby Mother soft foods (but not used as a puree) with the appropriate piece for the Small. Then serve your child's soft foods and gives the freedom to decide when and how much he wants to eat. This method is relatively simple to let the child eat by themselves at the start of weaning breastfeeding, it should fit when the little one is already showing an interest and desire to eat something.

Prepare Cutlery Little
To facilitate the Mother, various utensils will be very useful when introducing solid foods on the Baby:
- Dining chairs specifically for the Small
- Plastic spoon, so that the little one was not injured gums
- The plates and plastic bowls
- Cloth bibs

Eat Right portion Little
In introducing the first solid food in the Baby, no special portion is the standard. Slowly I will be able to apply for your child's diet. Each child has her eating needs of each. At the age of six months, solid food intake should ideally be a companion of ASI. Mothers should be careful in capturing the signal at a time when the little one already feel full. Some of the things below, it is important to note the mother.

Signs baby still want to eat:
- Open your mouth when fed food
- Hold the food and try to put it into the mouth
- Licking the spoon

Baby sign of the already full:
- Shut your mouth when fed
- Melepehkan food in his mouth
- Discard advance when it will be fed

Smart Saving Tips Little Food
How to store food and hygiene is very important for the health of the Small. The food was not stored properly can invite bacteria
Bacteria Single-celled microorganisms that can live secar ...
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which are harmful to the health of the Small. Here are tips for storing baby food:

- Keep baby food in closed containers in a dry and cool
- Thorough expiration date on food packaging
- Do not leave open containers left at room temperature more than two hours, because the temperature of liquid food like this would be a place for bacteria to breed.
- Give the labels on storage containers, write down the date and description of the contents of the container.

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