If the child is at the age of 2 years and can only give a few words, maybe you misgivings. Because when compared with their peers who are already smart spoke one sentence, you feel your child's speech is still lagging.

Mothers who talk late beloved child, trying to calm herself that her son, including children who first smart run rather than talk. However, if the speech delay continues, inevitably you should consult a pediatrician.

The question is whether your child's speech development of normal or slow category? Consider the child's speech development are normal, in accordance with the development of the child's age:

Children before 12 months. Children at this age, give voice to relate to the surrounding environment. Although pronunciations words unclear, but that the early development of speech. Babies at 9 months of age, they begin to combine words like "papa" or "mama". Before 12 months, children should have a sound as wanted something or when you want to communicate. If a baby sees something but did not react to the sound that comes, perhaps we need to be vigilant if there are abnormalities in auditory function.

Children aged 12-15 months. Children this age should have been able to spend one or two words and they have understood its meaning. They also understand when you are communicating with one simple sentence like, "let's we play outdoors"

Children aged 18-24 months. Vocabulary owned children this age about 20 words and will be more than 50 words when they start at the age of 2 years. At the age of 2 years, children begin to learn to combine words such as "working father", "mother's home" or other. Children aged 2 years has also been able to understand two commands at once, such as "please get me the doll and bring it here."

Children aged 2-3 years. At this age, parents are often surprised at the rapid ability to talk to their own children. Vocabulary richer, so too many to count. Children are also increasingly adept at combining two or three words into one sentence.

If it had been stepped on 3 years, children increasingly comprehensive communication capabilities. For instance, being able to distinguish a command like "put under the chair" or "please get stuffed in the back door". Children 3 years of age has also been able to distinguish colors and describe it.

How is your child's ability to speak?

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