how to train the baby to sit

Skills good seat certainly takes practice. If you feel your baby is ready to sit down, start to practice. Here's how:

Train the body balance. A balance is needed so that the baby can sit up perfectly. You can start with the way the baby lay, and then gently pull both hands, until he sits. You can also get the baby in a way sat her on his lap, with a little sustain strong back yet. Let him feel the balance. Or try another way: the baby's put in the corner sofa- -or corner for a few seconds.
Study the function of tiny hands. After the baby is accustomed, left corner of the sofa! Do not until he felt it was the only seat in the world. Sit your baby without support. Point your tiny hand in order to lean forward to help it support the body by using one or both hands. Supervise your child should not be overturned. If necessary provide a cushion around them.

Stimulate the use of both hands while sitting so that he learns to sit perfectly. Avoid too ambitious for the child should be able to. Initially maybe he will use only one hand to respond to your stimuli. Keep going until your baby can sit up perfectly without the help of hands.

Fixing the position of the seat. Once he can sit up unaided hand, train your baby so that he could sit with his back and head held high. Train also to move both hands freely.

No need to panic, just need to be vigilant:
In general, the baby can lift and hold the head at the age of 3-4 months. If he has not been able to lift her head up straight at the age of 6 months, consult a specialist because there is the possibility of your baby impaired in skeletal muscle.
If the child has not been able to keep the balance at the age of .... month. The causes vary, but the regulator senses disturbances in the balance or vestibular organs in the ears should receive attention first. Health check of your baby's ear.
If you have a medical history that is associated with muscle dystrophies or Marfan syndrome, need to check the health of your baby regularly to detect symptoms of abnormalities in skeletal muscle or connective tissue as soon as possible.

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