When was Baby Can Prone? Or How Age Babies Prone?

His stomach is basic infant development phase commonly traversed by most children before sitting or crawling. The question is when the baby can stomach itself? Or what age can a baby on his prone? Although there is a baby who has begun his prone from the age of 2 months or even one month, but in general can be prone own baby at the age of 3-6 months. That means, the phase prone every baby is different and can not be equated with each other.

There are several factors that affect how a baby A and B do not had proned same time, one of which is influenced by the weight of the baby itself. Usually babies whose weight fat / chubby be difficult to move, so the lazy baby on his prone. In contrast to a baby whose weight is small, even faster on his prone, because the lighter weight.

So, if a friend or neighbor's child at the age of 3 months can stomach itself, while your child at 4 months of age have not been able to prone the excess need not worry because there is still time for a baby to learn his prone. However, if at the time your baby is 6 months old, the baby has not been willing to learn his own stomach, then you should be wary. Especially if your toddler has characteristics as follows:

Baby's hands and feet are not actively engaged.
Hand has not been able to hold on to something.
The head and neck of the baby can not be upright, both during had prone or carried in a standing position.
Babies do not want memiring-tilt his body at all.
Baby weight is not too fat.
Baby train prone

Although there are babies who can independently tengkurep itself, but that does not mean you as a parent do not have to train the baby to his prone. It is recommended to train the baby on his prone so that motor development can be monitored according to age. Here are some ways to train the baby's stomach:

When breast-feeding while you sleep, let your baby reach the breast itself.
Use toys that speak beside the baby to lure move to the right or left.
Help your baby leans, while slightly crossing her legs, her stomach would own.
Get used to put the baby on his stomach even if only briefly, then proned his back as he directed his position correctly.
Accustom the baby to sleep prone can also stimulate the prone own baby.

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