4 Ways to Take Care of Newborn Meticulously

Caring for a newborn into a very happy experience for new parents. New role as a mother in addition to encouraging sometimes also raises concerns. During the mother followed the care instructions midwife or doctor, there is no need to worry. One thing to consider when caring for a baby is cautious, careful and not to panic.
There are several important concern that needs to be known in connection with newborn care at home. Habits that need to be known in order to provide the best care for the baby include:
1. Newborns do not need to wear an octopus.
Baby care with octopus wearing now slowly becoming obsolete. Use of baby octopus on it will suppress the baby's abdomen and makes the baby breathing difficulties. Had the mother wanted to keep wearing the octopus should bond to be loose. Do not worry that the baby's umbilical cord will be shifted and worried the baby would be in pain.
Use of the octopus that is too tight it will put pressure on the stomach and make the baby uncomfortable. In addition, the baby is also growing organs. Mother worried about the baby's stomach to be bloated? No need to worry. No baby bloating due to not use as a baby octopus.
In infants, it is the muscles of the abdominal wall is still strong and very flexible, so that sometimes appear larger. Along with the growth and movement of babies increasingly active muscles baby's body will be faster and when it started to crawl and walk naturally baby's stomach will be much faster because there is movement and activity.
How to care umbilical cord latest, the umbilical cord should be left open without wrapped gauze pads and enough rubbing alcohol while in the hospital. Furthermore, at home every disabuni bath and cleaned. What if later bulging navel for not wearing an octopus? The new navel base off sometimes appear to emerge little natural thing, unless conditions are severe umbilical hernia, it is necessary for a referral to a pediatrician for further medical treatment. After taking care of the umbilical cord does not need to be plastered coins to prevent not bulging.
2. Treatment of infants with swaddling
Newborns do require warmth, but not by wrapping it tightly with swaddling cloth. When you want to give warmth, should not be too tight folds. Strongly recommended for a more frequent freeing of swaddling the baby so the baby can move freely. Treat infants with swaddling cloth wrap becomes a habit that some parents in addition to warmth as well because they are worried when they see the baby as there are reflex surprised or in medical language called hynogogic startles.
Reflex movements such surprised looks at the baby's hands and feet such as seizures and shaking, but only a few seconds. This is normal and will disappear on their own when a baby enters the age of 3 months. How to cope provide warmth and comfort to embrace, laying hands on the mother's chest the baby gently if surprised by a loud noise and improve his position so comfortable. Probably, a mother worried about her baby legs bent. No need to worry. Newborn's feet tend to form somewhat twisted and bent.
The position of the feet when the newborn is still not be straight with respect to the position of the baby in the womb. Slowly later the foot will return to normal position. Unless there are abnormalities in the shape of bones, of course midwife will inform ways of further treatment. Attention to heat the baby should not be swaddled, it will increase body temperature, and the baby will be crowded because it can not breathe freely. Mother's arms and legs should be freed from the bonds of swaddling infants when breastfeeding so the baby can also be in contact with his mother. Physical contact is very important for babies.

3. The use of baby powder.
Newborns should not be given the powder all over the body after bathing. The risk of inhalation of fine powder from the powder will enter the lungs and interfere with breathing -paru baby. If you really want to give the powder should use solid powder with a soft sponge. Simply wipe thin in the groin area, folds under the knees, armpits, and neck.
Keep your baby while bathing with soap underarm area and neck folds it carefully. It would be better if the baby's skin after each bath the baby is not given powder or talk at all. Baby care after urination and defecation by sowing the powder in the buttocks or genitals is not recommended anymore. Sowing powder will actually accumulate dirt on baby's genital area and easy going blisters or irritation. The pores of the baby's skin is very sensitive and need air circulation, especially in the area of ​​the buttocks and genitals were covered. Each baby is urinating or defecating simply wipe with cotton wool soaked in warm water and dry with a soft towel.
4. The use diapers safe.
Preferably, infant care use cloth diapers are made from soft cotton. When forced to use diapers while traveling, you should often be considered pampers conditions. Replace any wet. The best suggestion is to use cloth diapers from soft cotton. In addition to eco-friendly cloth diapers are also safe for babies. Babies avoid the risk of allergies and infections and diaper rash. Warm greetings may be useful.
Congratulations to undergo the role of being a new mom

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