the benefits of honey for babies

Benefits of Honey For Babies - Infants age 0-6 months is not recommended to be given any food intake, food is the best at that age are breastfed.

After age babies over 6 months before babies are given complementary foods ation such as fruit juices and pureed baby are widely available in places such as supermarkets. Once they step on 6 months or older, then the mother can give a little honey intake in infants. This honey can increase appetite in infants, besides honey can also be useful to boost the immune system in infants so that infants are not susceptible to disease such as fever, cough, flu and colds.

I recommend that do not provide direct honey to infants under 6 months of age, because it can endanger the health of infants. According to health experts in America and Europe, infants aged less than 6 months is not recommended to not be given honey intake because it can cause botulism disease. It is not because of the honey itself, but rather because it was feared honey has been terkontiminasi with spores of C botulinum. Honey does have countless benefits for the baby, such as improving brain and eye development, but it can also be scaling up the immune system against bacteria and viruses that can harm health and the respiratory tract in infants.

Honey is a highly nutritious food for infants, besides honey can also be used as a medicine to cleanse the digestive tract and are foods that are soft for the baby. Honey can also be mixed with staple food such as porridge and fruits, it can prevent had prone ailments such as mules and diarrhea in infants.

To treat fever, cough, flu and colds in infants, mothers can mix ½ teaspoon of pure honey with 1 teaspoon of hot water. After a rather cold, give honey to your baby. Perform this treatment two times a day.

In addition, honey also can improve the baby's brain development so that they can more quickly in familiar surroundings seta can improve health and eye acuity in infants. Honey can also accelerate the growth of bones and teeth, so the baby will grow tall and the appearance of the teeth faster.

Well says the benefits of honey for babies, hopefully this information can be useful and good luck.

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