how to take care of the umbilical cord in newborns

Cleaning and maintaining the umbilical cord is one scary for first-time mothers who have a baby. No need to fear, caring for the umbilical cord is not too difficult, especially if the umbilical cord is dry and clean.

Basically, the umbilical cord can be left open or not needs to be closed gauze and should be kept in a dry state. Importantly, always wash your hands before performing cord care.

Steps cord care:

During the umbilical cord is not loose (generally 5-21 days), the baby does not need too frequently washed immediately. Pretty wiped with a soft terry cloth dipped in warm water. This is to keep the umbilical cord is not moist and stays dry
If washed, the area should be carefully dried umbilical cord, do not let water content remaining
Normally the umbilical cord of newborns, not sticky and clean. However, if there are parts that look wet and sticky in the area of ​​meeting the umbilical cord and the baby's stomach, can be cleaned with a cotton ball that has been sterilized alcohol 70%
Wrap the cord with sterile gauze
Be careful while wearing clothes, keep your baby's diaper and pants are not the umbilical cord area does not arise irritation
DO NOT cover the cord with tape, baby octopus or some sort of elastic mesh that can only cause irritation
DO NOT clean or maintain the umbilical cord using iodine, antiseptic ointment or any kind of medication without a doctor's recommendation
Caution and immediately contact your doctor, if:

Pus found in the umbilical cord and smell, as well as the base of the umbilical cord or the skin around the umbilical cord visible redness and swelling. Please suspicious, too, if your child always cries whenever umbilical cord area touched by the finger.

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