Pregnant women expend spots and blotches

Question : My  wife confirmed pregnant, but pregnancy approaching 2 mths wife out black flex during urination, but current wife to milk consumption
pregnant women, i have consult a doctor, who be the question whether this is a sign of miscarriage or what the wife's womb because i''ve weak, what the solution
for me & wife, prev thanks

From: Mr. Eko

Answer  : Thank you for the question that was given to us.

Discharge spotting or bleeding is a condition that often occurs in pregnant women, especially the first trimester. Spots in small amounts and stops by itself within a short time without the pain or cramps likely to do no harm and do not necessarily reflect the ongoing abortion or weakness in the womb. However, pregnant women should undergo the resting spots and reduces the activity as much as possible. Sometimes the cause of these spots can not be identified, and the patient did not require hospitalization in healthcare facilities.

More bleeding, prolonged (days), or with pain and stomach cramps require evaluation and management of health workers. Bleeding that accompanied the complaint may be caused by contractions of the uterus that can lead to miscarriage. At bleeding accompanied by severe pain and dizziness, pregnant women should be immediately taken to a health facility with the nearest gynecologist, because bleeding can be caused by an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) is broken and the emergency conditions.
If the spots that you do not accompanied by his wife experienced any complaints as we mentioned before, the wife should be rested in bed (bed rest), and consumption of food, milk, as well as other vitamins kindly forwarded. If after a few days the spots are still out, or get heavier, or along with other complaints such as abdominal pain, then the wife should you consult a physician for an evaluation and appropriate treatment.

May be useful.

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