Proper way to bathe a newborn

Bathing a newborn often makes many parents discouraged. Especially in the first few weeks while the rest of the cord has not been 'whistle'. This is the proper way.

Basically, many doctors are advised not to bathe the baby at that age by means of pouring or immersing the body in the bathtub. Infants bathed in a way swabbed with a washcloth.
If you are still unsure of the way, just follow the following guidelines:

  1. Prepare in advance equipment such as: warm water in a medium-size bowl, shampoo and baby soap, washcloth, and baby towels. 
  2. Open the clothes slowly, wrap it in a towel and lay on top of waterproof footwear.
  3. Cover the body that are not you wipe it off with a towel so that it is not cold.
  4. Clean the upper eyelid gently with a washcloth soaked in warm water and squeezed. 
  5. Wipe the outside of the baby's ear. Then, wipe with a washcloth folds in the neck, arms and legs. 
  6. Give a little shampoo on a washcloth and scrub out the foam, gently wipe the baby's head. Clean washcloth and gently wipe the baby's head back until there is no remaining foam. 
  7. For the genital area, wipe from front to back. If your baby boy circumcised and yet, no need to pull the tip, simply wipe the exterior only. Likewise with infants who had been circumcised penis. Do not forget to clean the underside of his testicles.

Continue with used diapers and clothes. Do not forget to put a diaper folds under the rest of the baby's umbilical cord. Well, now your child is clean and fragrant back!

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