My Eyes's friend is The Glass

I had worn the spectacles since being 19 years old, and until now, I have often changed frame, the lens, or both. But because I was the type of the person who found it easy bored, so I did not yet feel satisfied with the spectacles models that i had worn.

At one time, when I wanted to look for and plan to buy the spectacles, then I browsing in the internet, there were plenty of newest models that were sold in several sites in the internet, but I did not find the model that in accordance with my wish. Finally, I found interesting information about Zenni Optical in the New York Times?!, and more again amazing, because in this information was named that Prescription eyeglasses for only $8!, Ooo.. it's the cheapest prize that i have found. then immediately I headed towards this site.

And evidently indeed plenty of models that were good, quality, and of course cheap prize. I think that's the one that i was looked for and i wanted, because in this way I could Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank. From the list of the available spectacles in this site, I most liked the model frame #4933, because i think if I wore this spectacles, I will be seen clever, genius, and of course handsome, hehe..

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